Palak/ Spinach chapathi/ roti

By | October 2, 2016

This is one variety of chapathi packed with nutrients of spinach.



Whole wheat flour – 1 cup

Spinach – 1/2 cup packed

Salt – as required

Sugar – a pinch

Water – as required


  • Blanche spinach with a pinch of sugar. ( Add spinach leaves in boiling water for two minutes)
  • Strain it, let it cool completely and grind it smooth paste.
  • Take whole wheat flour in a bowl along salt and ground spinach paste.
  • Mix thoroughly, add water if necessary.
  • Let it rest for 30 minutes.
  • Divide it into small balls. Roll it thinly.
  • Heat tawa, cook rolled roti on both sides till brown spots appear.
  • Serve warm with your choice of gravy.




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