Nutella apple bread roll ( Lunch box special)

By | October 6, 2016

One of the hardest thing for moms are packing lunch box for kids. This is one yummy recipe I can guarantee you that your kids will love and bring back empty lunch box from school. You can add your own ideas in filling.



Bread – 2 slices

Nutella – as required

Apple – 8 slices ( French fries sized)


  1. Roll bread into thin using roll pin.
  2. Apply nutella, keep apple slices at one end.
  3. Roll it. Seal it using tooth pick at ends if necessary.
  4. Pack in lunch box.



13 thoughts on “Nutella apple bread roll ( Lunch box special)

  1. Sudhir Chauhan

    I remember daily debates between my daughter and wife in the morning…. and the topic for debate is always what have you kept in tiffin….. she checks daily and offers few advise as well…… such recipes can help change the routine……


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