Omelette with a twist

By | October 16, 2016

Give a twist to your usual breakfast omelette. Actually I saw this in some video, but I forgot?. If anyone knows the source, please let me know. I will link it back to them.?



Egg – 1

Onion ring – 1 ( 1/4 inch thick)

Salt – as required

Pepper powder – as required

Oil – to smear


  • Heat a pan and smear oil.
  • Keep onion ring and flip it after few seconds.
  • Crack open egg inside the onion ring.
  • Add required salt and pepper.
  • Cook for a minute and flip. Cook till it’s done.
  • Serve warm.



  1. Instead of onion ring, you can use capsicum ring.


  1. You can serve it as half boiled, but I prefer to cook on both sides.

Recipe source – unknown

22 thoughts on “Omelette with a twist

    1. Cook with Smile.. Post author

      Ya true… first time when I came to US, I was amazed to see the size of onions and tomatoes here?… but I think you can use the outer ring of our onion???… let me know how it turns..?

  1. annascuisine

    Hi, Lathiya! This is a great idea. I love it. Also, thanks for following my humble blog. I appreciate it. Best wishes on blogging. 🙂


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