Beetroot Jelly using agar agar

Beetroot Jelly? Does it sounds wierd? Trust me it tastes so good if you love beetroot.Even if you don’t, try this. You will start loving it ?.You want to give your kid healthy choice of eating their favorite snack, then try this, even no gelatin.You will never get store bought jelly again.

So here we go with the recipe. Hope you will try this.


Don’t you love that color???


Beetroot Juice – 1/2 cup ( see notes)

Sugar – 1 tbsn

Agar Agar – 3/4 tsn


  • Take all ingredients in a pan. Heat it thoroughly till agar agar and sugar completely dissolved.
  • Have to keep stirring constantly.
  • When it’s completely dissolved, remove from heat and pour it in your moulds or a bowl. ( I did it in my mini muffins pan)
  • When it comes to room temperature, keep it in fridge till sets.
  • You can just scoop it from your moulds.
  • Serve chilled.






  1. For Beetroot Juice, I microwaved peeled beetroot chunks till soft. Blend it with little water in a blender and strain it.
  2. You can avoid sugar if you want. Beetroot itself have some sweetness.


35 thoughts on “Beetroot Jelly using agar agar

  1. CHCooks

    I recently tried homemade jelly too! This version with beetroot sounds really interesting 🙂

  2. Mackenzie

    This is so unique- but I LOVE it!!! I wonder where I could find agar agar around here? Looks so yummy!

    1. Cook with Smile.. Post author

      Thank you so much Mack ?..I got mine in Indian stores..I’m sure you can find it in any Asian store as China grass or Agar agar.

  3. Cheila

    It looks so beautiful!! I hate beetroot, they taste like dirt to me. But with a little sugar, I think I might like it 🙂


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