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Simple Lemonadedrinks, juice, Under 30 mins dishes

Simple Sweet & Salty Lemonade(3S Lemonade)

This Simple, Sweet & Salty Lemonade or simply 3S  is a recipe from my brother.It is a perfect thirst quencher for summer. Story behind Sweet & Salty Lemonade We all have some memories connected with food.When I say or make this Sweet & Salty Lemonade,I always remember the scene years before.Actually this recipe was by my brother.He once told my …

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Perfect Summer Watermelon Lemonade

Perfect Summer Watermelon Lemonade. What do you think when you read the heading? I’m back with another thirst quencher.(you should give me an award for thirst quencher queen)..lol..My blog has more drinks recipes I hope. When the sun is scorching like this,who can say no to such drinks.right?Here,the sun is like “let’s see who’s hot..you or me?”.I’m not in competition …

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Summer Peach Mocktail drink

Officially from today summer is starting.( Really? You should be kidding..I’m already sweating pool..lol). So  see, we are stepping  into summer. And June 21 st is National Peach day.So I am here with a  cool recipe, Summer Peach Mocktail drink. Mocktails are generally non-alcoholic beverages. Here I made this mocktails with Peach , Mango and Orange juice. Its is so …

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