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Raw mango and drumstick curry

This is a recipe I got from my dear friend Ammu. This is a Keralite dish which is not over spicy. My daughter loves it to have with rice or idli or dosa. This is best served warm with rice.


Raw mango – 1/2 chopped

Drumstick – 1 ( you can use frozen also)

Green chillies – 2

Turmeric powder – 1/4 tsp

Salt – as required

To grind

Coconut – 1/4 cup

Jeera – 1 tsp

To temper

Shallots – 4 or 5 thinly sliced

Mustard – few

Dry red chillies – 2

Curry leaves – few

Coconut oil – as required


  • Cut mango into small cubes and drumstick into small pieces.
  • Slit green chillies length wise.
  • Cook mango,drumstick and green chillies in required water.
  • When it’s half done grind coconut and jeera to smooth paste.
  • Add ground coconut to the veggies.
  • Add turmeric powder and salt.
  • When the raw smell goes take it out from flame.
  • Heat a pan, temper items under ‘ to temper’ till shallots become golden brown.
  • Pour it over the curry.
  • Serve warm.


Raw mango Drumstick Curry


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  1. Looks delicious with my two favorite veggies..Is it too sour to tatse?

    1. Depends on Mango…if you don’t want too sour reduce Mango

      1. Thank you …Will definitely try this …..

        1. Thank you… please and let me know how it turns.?

  2. It looks testy . I will try. Thanks.

    1. Thank you… try for sure..?

  3. Delicious and tangy curry. Love it with plain rice and appalams.

  4. Such an interesting combination for a curry – mango and drumstick. Sounds absolutely delicious.

  5. The curry sounds so lipsmacking and healthy too, would try soon.

  6. That’s very much tempting & looks so yummy

  7. I would not have thought of pairing mango with drumstick. Let me try this soon!

    1. Do let me know dear how it turns 😊.. Thank you 😊

  8. Slurp slurp, would love to enjoy this curry with a bowl of rice and papads, such a fingerlicking goodness curry. Super tempting dish definitely.

  9. This curry looks so tempting. I usually make drumsticks with besan and yogurt. Have to try your recipe with raw mango…. my mouth is watering!

    1. I’ll be glad if you give a try and look it.. Thank you 😊

  10. simplysensationalfood

    What a lovely chutney, I have never come across such a dish as I have only ever added drumsticks to dhal. Very interesting and I am interested to know how it tasted.

    1. It tastes little tangy..but you will love it when you try.. Thank you 😊

  11. Such a delicious and easy recipe.. I should try this for my son who love this combination a lot. Thanks for sharing !

    1. Will be happy if he likes it.. Thank you dear 😊

  12. Raw mango season is just around the corner and this is something very exciting to try with it! I’m sure this curry would taste irresistible over a bowl of steamed rice.

  13. I wonder how this curry would taste with raw mangoes and drumsticks but as both are my favorite I guess it would be delicious.

    1. It’s indeed delicious… thank you 😊

  14. Looks so yum. I love these simple chutney recipes 😊

  15. I make a raw mango and drumstick dal but this I totally loved with the coconut base, just what a Keralite like me totally keeps eyeing. Great share and I bet this would be great with everything from breakfast to dinner options.

    1. daughter loves it with idli or dosa… thank you 😊

  16. This is something new to me, looks delish. Do need to try.

  17. Looks yummy. Must try this before raw mangoes disappear.

    1. Do try..and let me know 😊 thank you 😊

  18. very comfort curry for this summer.. easy and yummy recipe.. my mom makes this combination of curries..

    1. soothes our body

  19. I like this kind of curry for every day meals. Looks so delicious and flavorful!

  20. Something interesting !! Must try on this raw mango season πŸ™‚

  21. Classic flavors with a little bit of tange… such a lovely share!

    1. Absolutely.. thank you 😊

  22. Lovely kerala dish…my parents would love it.

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