Breakfast, Egg, Under 30 mins dishes

Hash brown egg

This is perfect for breakfast with carbohydrates and protein. Kids will love it.



Potato – 1 grated

Egg – 1

Salt – as required

Ground pepper – as required


  • Wash grated potatoes and pat dry in paper towel to remove moisture.
  • Transfer that in a bowl.
  • Add salt and pepper, mix it.
  • Crack open egg and mix it with a fork or whisk.
  • Heat pan, smear oil / butter and pour potato egg mixture on it.
  • Spread thin. Flip it when one side is cooked.
  • Cook for two minutes till crisp.
  • Serve warm.
Hashbrown Eggs



  1. this looks an awesome variation for an omelette!! Just posted a butter chicken omelette for my spin!! its awesome!!

    1. Thank you for your such nice words… thanks for stopping by…

  2. wholeandhomegrown

    Love the ingredients! Looks so good, I will have to try!

    1. Thank you, do try and let me know your feedback

  3. Oh yum! This looks like it would be really tasty! I think I need to give this a go, I’m always stuck for different breakfast ideas for my toddlers! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Indeed it is, Do try kid loved it..i’m sure yours will also love let me know your feedback.Thank you

  4. What a great idea! And it looks really delicious as well

    1. Thank you so much..Really appreciate

  5. livvypb

    I’ve never seen this before, must try it out!

    1. Thank you..let me know how it turns

  6. Is this a blog all about eggs? Eggcellent! Delicious!

    1. haha..Thank you..You can see other recipes too..

  7. easy recipe , Thanks for sharing 🙂

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