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Lemon French toast strips

Give your normal french toast a punch of lemon flavor. This will give you a refreshing morning to work or school. Try this ?.



Bread – 4 slices

Coconut milk  – 1/4 cup

Egg – 1

Lemon juice – 1 tbsn

Sugar – 2 tbsn

Butter – as required


  • In a bowl beat egg and sugar thoroughly till sugar dissolves.
  • Add coconut milk and mix. Then add lemon juice.
  • Cut bread into half.
  • Heat a pan. Smear butter on it.
  • Dip the bread strips into egg – coconut milk mixture and cook in the pan till both sides turn golden.
  • Serve warm.




  1. You can use any bread. I used whole wheat bread.




  1. interesting recipe.
    Very testy, today I tried it. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Oh… thank you so much for trying…so happy that you liked it?

      1. Welcome ? keep reading and posting wonderful recipes.

  2. Love that you used coconut milk! Looks great!

  3. Yummy! Glad I found this blog. I like how the recipes are outside the box!?

    1. Your words really made my day… Thank you so much?

  4. I love lemon-anything! This sounds so quick and easy. Hope to try it this week.


    1. Thank you ?… Welcome to my blog ?☺..Give a try and will be glad if you love it ?

  5. Really awesome recipe

  6. Definitely something I would try for breakfast! And the best part of it, is that I have all the ingredients. Thanks so much for sharing this wonderfully simple yet delicious breakfast recipe!

    1. try.. love to know your feedback ☺ thank you

  7. Could this sound anymore delightful?!?! I would love this for breakfast tommorow, nom!

    1. Thank you so to hear your feedback

  8. I love lemon so this sounds like a great addition to french toast. Thanks!

    1. Thank try to hear your feedback

  9. This looks yummy, I wouldn’t have thought of using coconut milk in this recipe!

    1. Thank you..The coconut milk gives nice flavor . Do try and let me know your feedback.

  10. Going to try this with the coconut milk and lemon. I like the idea of adding a little zest to breakfast!

    1. makes morning refreshing ?..thank you ?

  11. Yummy looks good and easy!

  12. love the use of coconut milk! yum for a power breatkfast

    1. Yes I too loved coconut milk… totally refreshing ? thank you dear ?

  13. OOOH my son would love this, as would I! I’m going to make this weekend, thank you. x

    1. Thank you…will be glad if you love it ?…do let me know your feedback ☺

  14. oh this recipe looks delightful! definitely going to try this tonight

    1. Thank you so not forget to let me know your feedback ☺

  15. I never would thought to add lemon to french toast, but I bet it’s delicious. I’m going to have to try it.

    1. Do tastes so good..let me know your feedback

  16. Sushmita Thakare Jain

    Wow need to try this out, sounds delicious girl 🙂

    1. Thank you.. please dont forget to let me know your feedback

  17. Yum ! My favourite breakfast!

  18. The touch of lemon must give it an extra zing Cool!

    1. adds refreshing feel to the breakfast..thank you

  19. Gillie

    I’m a big fan of french toast. I bet the coconut milk makes it taste different.

    1. True..the coconut milk adds magic ?

  20. thesecretlifeofanactress

    yummy! Now I want french toast for breaky!; )

    1. Thank you.. glad you liked it ?

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