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Garlic chutney / Dip

Garlic is one ingredient which have many medicinal value. It is added a lot in post partum diet. It have anti inflammatory property. It controls the fatty cells in our body.

So adding garlic in our daily diet is a way of being healthy. Here I give you a chutney recipe using garlic. Those who don’t like garlic too will love this chutney for sure. Hope you give a try.



Garlic pods – 1/2 cup

Channa dal – 2 tbsn

Dry red chilli – 2

Grated Coconut – 2 tbsn

Curry leaves – few

Coriander leaves – few

Tamarind – A small piece

Tomato – 1 medium sized

Salt – As required

Oil – 1 tbsn


  • Heat oil in a pan, add channa dal.
  • When it turns golden add dry red chilli, curry leaves , coriander leaves and tamarind.
  • Saute for a minute and add garlic pods.
  • Saute till garlic turns golden and add grated coconut.
  • Mix thoroughly. Add tomato without cutting. Let it cook till the skin shrink.
  • Switch off. When it cools down grind in the mixer with required salt and water to desired consistency. (Smooth or Coarse)
  • Serve along with Idli or Dosa.








  1. Looks super delicious, perfect for an appetizer (:

  2. Seems very tasty as well as healthy. I will surely try and Happy New Year to you,dear!

    1. Thank you so much ??..Sure give a try.. Happy New year ??

  3. Yummy chutney for snacks. Love it.

  4. Never get bored of this aromatic chutney, serve me with some crispy dosas i can sit and eat happily without any guilt. My all time favourite.

  5. Chutney looks yummy. I think its goes well with any savoury dishes. Lovely share.

  6. any extremely flavourful chutney that is. We Rajasthani have our our version of garlic chutney. This is quite different.

    1. I would like to try your version too..Thank you

  7. What a spicy and lip smacking garlic chutney that is. Looks absolutely delicious.

  8. What a flavorful chutney! Perfect to be mopped up with anything πŸ™‚

  9. Chutney looks delicious, I love dips with all my meals and this is the perfect one, lovey share !!

  10. Drashti Dholakia

    Love the addition of curry leaves and coconut….lip smacking chutney

  11. Love this chutney and looks tempting. Feel like having with hot idlis right now πŸ™‚

    1. That’s a great combo .. thank you dear 😊

  12. Adding daal and coconut to garlic Chutney is new for me but this sounds so delicious that I’ll definitely try to make it your way next time.

  13. Looks wonderful.. can pair with many dishes.. super share

  14. I, for one, cannot resist anything with garlic. So this recipe is a keeper!

  15. curryandvanilla

    Looks super delicious!! I am sure it will taste awesome with idlis and dosas πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  16. I can have umpteen number of dosas esp rava dosa along with this lipsmacking chutney. Chutneys make me weak and I love having it with rice too and some sesame oil on top. Amazing stuff and loved the recipe.

    1. Your words are tempting me too Vidya..lol..Thank you dear

  17. I do not enjoy garlic so will definitely try making it. Sounds yummy.

  18. Yummy chutney and healthy for sole.. spicy and yummy can go with idli dosa too..

  19. Garlic chutney seems to be quite flavorful. A perfect accompaniment to idli or dosa

  20. I love garlic chutney and yours sounds so delicious…Very versatile….goes with so many dishes…Yummy share!!

  21. Yummy chutney.. this will definitely makes the dosa and idli delicious..

  22. We always have jar of garlic chutney in my fridge but the recipe is so different to yours.I love your version with the dals and tomato.

  23. With curry leaves and chana daal it must have tasted so good, one of my favourite chutney of all.

  24. This chutney is my absolute favorite to serve with wraps and kebabs. Looks so delicious and I can feel the amazing flavors from screen.

    1. Using it with wraps and kababs are interesting..will try that way too..Thank you

  25. Looks tasty, it can be used with chapati also.

  26. Delicious. I make this quote oftenπŸ‘w

  27. I have one in my family who loves garlic, this looks perfect for him.

  28. code2cook

    I like garlic chutney, made once which we loved having with roti sabji combinations.

  29. Love this chutney lathiya πŸ™‚ Looks so tempting !!!!

  30. So flavourful and yummy garlic chutney..

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