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Blogger recognition award #2


I am super excited to announce that my first post in new year is my blog was nominated for blogger recognition award again. My new year can’t be more happier than this. I thank Ena of prettyplusandproud.wordpress.com.

She is such a sweet person. If you haven’t checked her blog yet, I highly recommend to check it out.




  • I hope you already know that I started this blog in a leisure time but now meticulously blogging to keep record of the recipes I know. So my kids can make use of it.
  • I believe I’m still pretty new to blogging ( only months into it). But still for those who still hesitant to start one, I can say blogging gives you confident. It opens a new world before you. You can meet many like minded people who can inspire you. So go ahead and start blogging.

Here are my nominations. If you haven’t checked any, please do.

  1. https://nenabakingrecipes.wordpress.com
  2. https://simplysplendidfood.com
  3. https://vaani24.wordpress.com
  4. https://allaboutwritingandmore.wordpress.com
  5. https://brekkiequeenblog.wordpress.com
  6. https://currylives.wordpress.com
  7. https://lovecraftingsite.wordpress.
  8. https://nishhhhhh.wordpress.com
  9. https://cookingflip.wordpress.com
  10. https://malinispace.wordpress.com
  11. https://sasha1010blog.wordpress.com
  12. https://culinarywish.wordpress.com
  13. https://dearmybutter.wordpress.com
  14. https://tummytale.wordpress.com
  15. https://theshowersofblessing.wordpress.com

Thank you once again Ena?☺


  1. Congrats! Well done (:

  2. Congrats! Job well done ???

  3. Congratulations Lathiya 🙂

  4. Nice post
    Visit mine

  5. Congrats, my happy pixel!! 😉

      1. You’re welcome!! 😉

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  7. Congratulations on your nomination. Just from glancing through your site it is well deserved. Wishing you a very prosperous new year!

    1. Thank you so much ?.. Receiving such nice words from people like you make my day?.. Thanks for the visit..Do come back ?☺

  8. Many congratulations!!! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Meenakshi hi?

      1. Sorry for?? We all are friends here no need for ji ☺

        1. I typed ji and autocorrect made it hi? that’s y sorry?…

          1. Haha…but still no need to say sorry! Lots of love ?

  9. Congratulations Lathiya!!

  10. Congratulations Lathiya.

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