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South Indian Mini Sambar Idli

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Hi friends, how the summer is treating you?Did summer officially started? Here in Texas i started feeling the heat. Friends here say it will  be still worse in June , July. Lets see.

Mini Sambar Idli

Today’s recipe has nothing to do with summer. But when I say summer , it reminds me of my homeland. This dish is one of the popular South Indian dish.I believe any Indian would be aware of Sambar idli. Most of the South Indian restaurant  can’t miss this dish in their menu. One of the most ordered dish also will be this. Even we make idli in our household normally, this Mini Sambar idli holds special place. Idli are steamed rice cakes( No, this is  not that dessert cake) made with Idli batter. Those idlis are soaked in sambar.

How Did I make it

It is then served with a dollop of ghee ( clarified butter). Believe me it tastes heaven. Here I made mini idlis, layered it with sambar. You can buy mini idli pan Here. I got mine from India.Make sure the idlis soak in sambar at least for 2-3 hours. Though its not mandatory I prefer this way as this incorporates the taste well. Hope you give a try and enjoy this dish.

Mini Smabar Idli,Breakfast,Sambar idli,Indian,



Idli batter – As required

Sambar – As required

Ghee / Clarified butter – 1 tsn


  • Steam mini idlis in mini idli pan.
  • When its ready, remove it in a bowl.
  • In another bowl, layer four or five idlis. Pour one or two laddle of sambar.
  • Repeat this for three layers. Final layer should be sambar.
  • Pour more sambar as it will shrink after soaking. So add accordingly.
  • Let it rest for atleast 2-3 hours.
  • Serve with a tsp of ghee on top.

Mini Smabar Idli,Breakfast,Sambar idli,Indian,



  1. I showed here the single serving . If you want to serve for more than one, make each sambar idli in separate bowls.
  2. You can make this in normal idlis too. For that you don’t have to layer like this. Just pour sambar over top of the idlis till fully sunk.



  1. Idli sambar , all time favorite!! Looks great ?

  2. Close to 5 in the afternoon here in Tucson and still 95 degrees! Not looking forward to August! 😉

    This recipe looks interesting, Lathiya. I bookmarked the pan and will check with my vegetarian sisters to see if this can be one of our “projects.” I guess you can tell by now we love adding new dishes to our menus! 😉

    1. I’m actually scared looking forward to those days.Lol..Do try ..your feedback means a lot to me. Thank you so much.

  3. Mini Idly sambar anytime. That’s the best combo on a cold day. ??

  4. This is heavenly 🙂

  5. Delicious! 😀

  6. I’m sure I have told you how Idli is my favorite! I’m obsessssedddd. I love this, and I can actually make it because I have an idli maker! woohoo!

    1. Wow.. that’s great ?..do try dear and let me know your feedback ☺

  7. Yummy! An all time favorite 🙂

  8. Looks super tempting. My favourite ?

  9. skd

    My daughter loves mini idlis in sambar. Thanks for sharing Lathiya👍🏻😊

  10. Idli and Sambar, one of the first south Indian dish we tried when my mum made when I was about 8-9 since it’s my favourite, and for my husband and his family I prepared in the UK when I got married to him 🙂

    1. That’s a sweet memories…I’m so glad you like it

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