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How Instant Pot Has Changed the Way You Cook

Do you spend most of your time after work in the kitchen? Its time you benefit from the revolution in kitchenware technology. One such invention is the Instant Pot (or Instapot) which is nothing but an epitome of convenience. With time saving at heart, Instant Pot preserves energy as well as the nutrients in your food. Here are 7 ways InstaPot has changed how we cook in the present day.

1. 7 in 1 Multipurpose Cooker

The best thing about bringing home InstaPot is that you don’t need additional appliances. This appliance does the job of 7 i.e. pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, sauté, yogurt maker and warming pot. All you need to do is select the specific function, add the ingredients, and wait while the InstaPot prepares your food for you.

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Once the meal is prepared, you have the option to keep it warm for up to 10 hours, doing the job of a pressure cooker as well as a microwave. Say goodbye to rice cookers, yogurt makers and slow cookers while the Instant Pot takes care of all your cooking requirements. If you want to find out which size and model is good for you, this official website has a detailed comparison guide.

2. Time Saving

Around 70% of the Instant Pot recipes take 25 minutes or less to prepare, isn’t that magical? This, in no way limits the number of recipes you can try in your InstaPot. From steaming basic broccoli to making cakes and stew, you can try out almost anything and everything. Moreover, InstaPot lets you do other chores in the meanwhile during its cooking time since there is practically nothing left for you to do.

This considerably saves your time, taking up nearly 1/4th the time you would otherwise spend on cooking.

3. Easy Maintenance

Devices and appliances that provide great utility are often high maintenance which is why people avoid using them. Instant Pot is surely a breath of relief when it comes to cleaning and maintaining it. The inner pot, sealing ring, lid and the steam rack are all dishwasher safe and won’t need to be washed by hand.

4. Healthier and Nutritious Food

As you must have realized by now, InstaPot cuts back majorly on cooking time, thereby preserving the nutrients in your meal. The fully sealed mechanism prevents loss of important nutrient whilst killing harmful microorganisms such as aflatoxins at the same time.

5. Batch Cooking Made Easy

One of the biggest conveniences Instant Pot offers is that it lets you cook in batches. Considering the busy schedule many of us have, it is not possible for one to come home to an empty fridge and cook everyday. Now cook without a worry over the weekend in batches and freeze it for the weekdays. All you need to do is place the frozen meal in the InstaPot and it will defrost on its own, tasting exactly like freshly cooked food.

6. Energy Efficient

Alongside being highly time saving, Instant Pot is extremely energy efficient too. By reducing your cooking time up to 70%, it consumes way less energy. The pot is insulated and while the inner pot keeps the food warm, the exterior is cool to touch. To maintain an optimum temperature and pressure, the heating doesn’t remain on throughout, staying off for nearly 60% of the time. This saves considerable energy and makes it highly energy efficient.

7. Easy to Use

Goes without saying, the Instant Pot is convenient and easy to use. By simply selecting your desired cooking option, you can prepare any meal you like. Setting timers allows you to stay stress free while you complete other house chores. It’s time to say goodbye to long sweaty hours in the kitchen once you bring this baby home.

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