15 Mango Recipes you need to try this Summer

As you all know I love Mangoes, I made a  compilation of  the best Mango recipes from my blog,you need to give a try this Summer. The recipes vary from accompaniments to curry to dessert.


Mango Jam

Do you want to preserve your favorite mango, so you can enjoy even when the season goes off? Then try this easy homemade mango jam. So you can enjoy the taste of mango whenever you want. Jam is a form of preserving fruits , so one can relish it even if the season of that particular fruit is over. Jam is loved by all ages of people and there are variety of jams or fruit preserves. Check out the recipe here.

Homemade Mango Jam

Instant Mango Pickle

When you like to have pickle, you can make this instant mango pickle in no time. There is no waiting time for this. You can have it immediately after making. Check out the recipe here.


Mango Raita

This is an accidentally innovated recipe?. Actually when I started cutting mango make juice, I found its not fully ripen. So I thought of making something else. As I had prepared biriyani for lunch that day, I decided to make mango raita. What an idea? Check out the recipe here.

Mango Raita


Mambazha Pulissery

There are lots of Pulissery recipes in Kerala cuisine. Pulissery is basically vegetables cooked in yogurt coconut paste. There are Pumpkin, Cucumber,Raw banana,Yam and more. Here I give you the most popular and delicious Mambazha (Ripe Mango)Pulissery . Check out the recipe here.

Mambazha Pulissery,vegetarian,kerala cuisine,Mango,side dish,Rice,
Mambazha Pulissery

Raw Mango Curry

This is a Keralite dish which is not over spicy. My daughter loves it to have with rice or idli or dosa. This is best served warm with rice. Check out the recipe here.

Raw mango Drumstick Curry

Cakes and Desserts

Eggless Whole Wheat Mango Cake

I adapted this recipe from Egg less Whole wheat Banana Cake . This cake became our kids favorite and my daughter would ask me to pack that in her snack box. So why stop? Just grab the ingredients and start baking.You will fall in love with this Whole Wheat Mango Cake – Egg less and Butter less. Check out the recipe here.

Whole wheat MAngo Cake,Cake,Baking,Eggless,Butterless,Kids,
Whole Wheat Mango Cake

Egg less, No Churn Mango Ice Cream

We are using just 3 Ingredients for this delicious , creamy Mango Ice Cream. We need heavy cream, sugar and Mango pulp. Check out the recipe here.

Mango Ice cream

Mango Crepe

The tropical flavor bursts in your mouth along with coconut.Both Mango and Coconut being my favorite ingredient,this doesn’t disappoint me in any way. Check out the recipe here.

Gluten free Coconut Filled Mango Crepes
Gluten free Coconut Filled Mango Crepes

Mango Yogurt Parfait

Next time when you have some failed cake or cupcake or muffins which doesn’t have major issues, instead of tossing it out think about making it creatively. You can also use left over cakes to make this. I believe any flavor cake should go well. I believe you will give this a try. Check out the recipe here.

No Fail Mango Yogurt Parfait

Sooji Mango Payasam

Special occasion celebrate with special recipe. Usually I make vermicelli payasam or parupu payasam. But this time thought of trying something different and made rava mango payasam. It turned out good. Hope you will try. Check out the recipe here.


Tropical Smoothie

Being from a Tropical country,I love Tropical flavors in any dish.This smoothie has a true tropical flavor in it. Having a glass of this smoothie at your breakfast keeps you filling and refreshed all day long. Check out the recipe here.

Tropical Smoothie,Smoothie,Juices,Kids,Easy,Breakfast
Tropical Smoothie

Mango Juice

This is so refreshing juice with all juicy pulp of mango. Check out the recipe here.

Mango Juice

Mango Lassi

This is one of my kids favourite. Whenever we go to a restaurant they first ask for mango lassi. So I made it in home when we got some mangoes. Check out the recipe here.

Mango Lassi

Raw Mango Ginger Cooler

This is so simple with few ingredients. You will love this if you are a lover of raw mango like me. I made this with coconut water but you can add soda too. You can have this after a heavy meal. As we are adding ginger, this aids in digestion too. Check out the recipe here.

Raw mango Ginger cooler with Coconut water

Mango Lime Lassi

You need nice pulpy mango like Alphonso for this. The mango with lots of fiber will not work for this I believe. Then creamy yogurt, full fat milk, required sugar and lime juice. Blending all this will result in thick, creamy, delicious Mango Lime Lassi. Check out the recipe here.

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  1. Anonymous

    Great Collection for the summer Lathiya 🙂

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    1. Thank you dear 😊…love to hear your feedback

  3. Lathiya,
    This is indeed a droolsome post! Love all mango recipes. Yummy summer!

  4. Lovely collection .. will try them next summer when mango season is back.

    1. Try for sure… you will love it☺️

  5. Bonanza of mango treats dear! Would love to dig into all of them!

  6. Awesome recipe for summer. Beautiful post !

  7. Lathiya, we are way past Mango season in India but this collective is making me crave for some mangoes now! Some lovely recipes there.

    1. Ya I know Vidya…Thats I feel sad as I want the mangoes available all the you dear and do try some in the next season

  8. wow what a collection of delicious recipes.. Best share for the King Fruit season..

  9. Wow wow, this is a stunning collection. I have just got to get some mangoes

    1. Thank you…Now I’m waiting to see what you choose to make Seema..

  10. ohohohoho!! what a lovely collection of mango recipes Lathiya!! I am definitely going to bookmark this, but for the next year, Here the mango season is over 🙁
    Loved each recipe and such a clear and clean tempting clicks.

  11. What a lovely.collection of mango recipes. I am most amazing by mango raita as I have never heard of it.

    1. Thank you Avin…Do try out the will love it

  12. Such a awesome collection of mango recipes, now i know where to come if i feel like cooking with mangoes. Well done.

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    .. superb

    1. Thank you so much Ruchi ☺️

  14. marianasir1973

    My tastebuds are dancing with joy at the moment! A superb mango recipes collection! What I love most is that besides the sweet delights there are some amazing savoury recipes too.

    1. Thank you so much Maria ☺️ .. that’s what I want to show..not only sweet dishes but also variety of savory dishes can be made from our favorite fruit ☺️

  15. What a droolesome post this is ! Lovely collection of our favourite summer fruit !

  16. What a delicious looking collection of Mango recipes, spoilt for choice! I simply love mangoes 🙂

  17. I was looking for some mango recipes for an upcoming event. thanks for the share, it will save my time and energy, they simply look awesome and my guests would love them.

    1. Thank you dear 😊…do try some and let me know if you love it 🙂

  18. code2cook

    wow loving this mango collection Lathiya. I tried only mango cake and aam panna so far. And only one mango post on my blog. Loving these yellow colors.

    By the way do you have rating here? I am unable to see them.

    1. Me too dear.. when I make something with mango I love the bright color that soothes your eyes first… thank you 😊

      I do have recipe rating but it’s visible only where I insert wprecipe maker. As this is a compilation it doesn’t appear.

  19. Indeed a drool some post Lathiya !
    Love the whole collection of mango recipes. Yummy summer shares dear 🙂

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    I am a big time mango fan and literally drooling over all these recipes. Lovely collection of delicious recipes dear.

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