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Maa Ladoo / Maladu

This Maa Ladoo / Maladu is the contribution of fellow blogger for my Guest Post Series. When I asked my fellow blogger Seema to write a post for me, she readily accepted and I’m glad she made this lovely Maa ladoo for my blog. She blogs at Mildly Indian. Seema believes in fuss free, flavorful foods. She always in a hunt for new restaurants. Check out her blog for more yummy recipes. Now over to her.

Maa Ladoo / Maladu


One of the very first desserts I learned from my mom was maa ladoo or maladu.  The ease of ingredients, of course, was the reason she picked this to teach me.  One of her other reasons was… If you learn to get this bound well into a perfect sphere,  you pretty much have mastered the technique of making ladoo. Mind you, the trick lies here.

The recipe originates towards the southern part of India, Tirunelveli and it’s surroundings.  Typically these are made in cannonball sizes for the wedding along with the “cheeru bakshanam” towards the Travancore side. Hence my dad takes a special fancy to them.
As a part of the wedding gifts for the grooms family, a ton of bakshanam is made and these ladoos in odd numbers( of 11, 21 or 51)are made in humongous sizes.  I awe the hands which manage to successfully hold these huge amounts of powder and manage to roll them up into a ball size as big as to feed an elephant.   To share,  bits of these are broken and shared among the relatives as they bless the couple and leave.
The preparation is made with roasted Bengal gram flour, porikadalai, hurikadale or sattu.  There is no major roasting on cooking involved. Just powder and hold it together.
Being one of the easiest desserts it features itself for all the festivals and celebrations in my house.  Vary making them with Jaggery, dates or sugar based on the season or what I have at hand.  The dates one turns out a bit chewy like and energyball. If using Jaggery make sure it has no sand..sometime Jaggery has them as impurities. The next best option for a low sugar spike one is to make it with stevia. This is beautifully addictive too.
Try out this easy to make three ingredient dessert. This is the one I chose to pass on to Lathi, as a guest post on her beautiful blog.


 Fried Gram Flour – 1 Cup
 Sugar – 2 Cups
Green Cardamom Pods – 10 Nos
Ghee – as required
  • Peel the cardamom and keep the seeds.
  • Into the mixie,  add the gram flour, cardamom seeds and sugar.  Pulse till fine powder.
  •  Transfer to a plate and set aside.
  • Keep a little warm water and keep a bowl in it.  Add ghee to this so it can stay melted.
  • Put a few drops of ghee and gather up some of the powder.  Gently tighten the ball to form ladoos.  Roll them in your palm till smooth.
  • Initially, you will use a bit more ghee with practice you can slowly reduce the amount of ghee.
  • It’s ready.

Maa Ladoo,Maladu,Ladoo,Easy,Kids,Indian,Snack,

Maa Ladoo,Maladu,Snack,Indian,Easy,Kids,Ladoo,


Now I have to try this ladoo as soon as I can. It’s so tempting. Do try for yourself and give your valuable feedback.


  1. This looks adventurous! I will make them for sure! 💖

    1. Thank you 😊..let me know your feedback

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