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5 Reasons Why Pressure Cookers are Better than Slow Cookers

While slow cookers are considered simpler to operate and handle, pressure cookers are the epitome of convenience. But what’s the basic difference between the two?

Slow cookers prepare food in about 4-10 hours, depending upon the recipe. By adding in the required ingredients and water, food is prepared on medium heat and might require occasional stirring. Pressure cookers, on the other hand, develop heat by building up pressure inside, rising the boiling point to high levels, which ultimately speeds up the cooking process. If you haven’t brought home a pressure cooker yet, here are 5 things you’re missing out on.

1. Saves time

Well as the name suggests, slow cookers are slow. For real. If you’re a working mother, you’re always trying to save up time for additional tasks, cooking being one of them. So its always a wise decision to bring home appliances that save you time. Pressure cookers take nearly one third the time slow cookers would. You can have half an hour to prepare meals and your job will be done easily. Whether its beef stews, chicken roast, or simply beans, tender food isn’t something you’ll need to worry about.

Another advantage with pressure cookers is that you don’t need to plan your meals way ahead of time like you do with slow cookers. They are more adaptive to your busy routine and lifestyle compared to slow cookers.

2. Helps with Batch Cooking

Slow cookers aren’t made for working moms. Take our word on that. If you are going to cook for the entire week over the weekend, you can’t rely on slow cookers for that. Considering that pressure cookers take nearly half an hour to cook a medium level expertise recipe on average, you only need about 3-4 hours to cook and freeze meals for the weekdays.

This can also be done if you’re preparing for a friends and family dinner when multiple dishes have to be prepared.

3. Energy Efficient

Since it takes much less time to prepare meals in a pressure cooker, it obviously consumes much less energy than a slow cooker which takes hours to cook one dish. Modern day’s pressure cookers are great at building up pressure using very little electricity/gas and time. Pressure cookers are also able to maintain the pressure on low heat setting as well, keeping the food warm for hours.

4. You Can Cook a Variety of Recipes

Compared to slow cookers, pressure cookers let you try hundreds of recipes. Whether you’re in the mood for fish, chicken roast, beans or simply dessert, you can always rely on your pressure cooker. May pressure cookers also allow you to can food, which you can’t do in a slow cooker. You can prepare soups, vegetables or even meat and can it in the pressure cooker.

5. Less Liquid Needed for Cooking

This might not seem too important, but once you start cooking, you realize its importance. You won’t need excess water to tenderise meat, neither will you need to filter out excess water to increase the consistency of a sauce.

Moreover, this means that lesser energy is required to bring the water to its boiling point by building up pressure. Pressure cookers require minimum water content to tenderise food and make it flavorful.


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  1. The only way to cook! The best feature is that your food tastes better. Flavours are enhanced as more vitamins and goodness is not boiled away as it would be …by using regular pots and pans. A healthy alternative.

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