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How to Cook Chicken with your Instant pot

How to cook chicken with your instant pot

This post is submitted by Joan Katz.

The cooking pressure of the chicken is a great reason to love the under pressure pot. Many instant pot reviews have a lot to do with electrical cooking appliances such as the instant cooking appliance because you do not have to monitor the pan for hours, add plenty of water, or continue mixing the dish.

Ten essential ingredients for the cooking chicken: chicken, onions, celery, carrot, bay leaves, peppercorn, garlic, herbs, cider, water.

Using a pressure cooker

Using a pressure cooker is not scary, like the one in the old days. They make better meals, quickly, and preserve nutrients. InstantPot has a 12-button function for all cooking tasks, quiet and is UL / ULC certified (only one of several good options). It also has great features and comes with an easy to read manual. It is a great investment that can save a lot of time.

There are many other reasons to embrace a pressure cooker over other traditional options. Some people do not like to deal with heat problems, double function of slow cooking machines, limited kitchen space, or worry about burning food. Most pressure cookers allow programming and delayed start for up to 12 hours, depending on the model.

While the chicken is cooked, the pressure created by the chilled water allows the temperature to rise and all the nutrients to keep. Once you have finished cooking the stew, there are three ways to release the pressure. You can try the quick release, the natural release or the release of cold water, which requires draining the cold tap water over the edge of the pressure cooker lid. Learn more here.

There are many advantages and disadvantages of a pressure cooker. The good news is that less water is needed than conventional boiling, many foods can be cooked together, and you can use a term called Maillard Reaction – for more flavor.

Instructions to cook the chicken

Cut the bones into rough pieces. Put them in the stove and add vegetables and spices according to your preferences or availability (there are no strict rules, but the root vegetables are excellent). Add liquid to cover, but do not exceed the fill line. Secure the cover and fix the cooker at a high-pressure temperature for 25 minutes, then allow time for the natural release process. For later use, you can place a 2-layer cloth. Allow time for the release process and tighten the liquid over a large bowl. Put it in the refrigerator and after 6-8 hours remove the solidified fat from the surface and discard it. Remove the stock in securely sealed, zipped-size bags for later use.  This is a simple way to enjoy the chicken stew and to add flavor to any meal.

Ultimately, pressure cookers save energy and time while you have the luxury of doing other things. The pressure pot is an indispensable utensil of every modern woman’s kitchen because it allows fast cooking of the dishes.

Mechanism of operation

The idea of ​​inventing the pressure cooker is based on an essential principle in physics, that water does not always boil at 100 ºC, the boiling point of water depending on atmospheric pressure.

In any type of traditional pot, the water boils at a temperature of about 100 ° C, and it is not possible to feed foods at a higher temperature than this. At the pressure cooker, however, it is possible to block the removal of air and steam, which will cause an increase in the interior pressure to reach high levels. The boiling temperature will increase to 120ºC or even more and the cooking time will be greatly reduced.

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So it is a hermetically sealed vessel that produces steam inside, hurrying food preparation time and retaining its nutritional value. Although the benefits of food preparation are obvious, most households avoided using it, for reasons that are probably self-conscious. The way it works, as described in any user manual accompanying the product on the purchase, seems more complicated than it really is. Basically, we are talking about a stainless steel container or other equally resilient materials, fitted with a sealing cap and a safety valve (mechanical or automatic) that allows not only the release of steam when the pressure has reached a high level but also the adjustment after the good likes of the temperature.





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