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Kid Chef Junior – Book Review and a Giveaway

Hi all,Do you love cooking? Do you love cooking with kids? Do you have kids who love cooking? If you answer yes to any of these questions, then this book Kids Chef Junior is a perfect book you need.Read ahead to know why.

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Kid chef Junior


Why Kids should know Cooking

I believe that cooking should not be gender biased. Each person should know at least basic cooking, so they don’t have to depend on other or restaurants for food. As in these days, kids are going abroad for higher studies or job, cooking becomes a must trait they should know.

When to Teach Kids Cooking

There is no perfect time to teach kids how to cook.As early as they show interest in cooking, just involve them or just make them to see you cook. Ask them for little help while you shop for groceries. Introduce the ingredients and grow their interest. You may be scared of letting kids stand along with you near the hot stove. Even I’m. But make sure they are in safe distance and give them confidence that they can cook or they can help you cook. Let them create their own recipe with bread and ketchup.Start with simple and easy recipes. Just encourage.


Burrito Boats

Kid Chef Junior

When I got the opportunity to review the book Kid Chef Junior I’m so glad to accept. The author of the book Anjali Shah, also a blogs at Picky Eater Blog ,have meticulously wrote the book such that it attracts the readers at the first sight. She gets the attention of the readers from the start means from the cover. It’s so catchy and definitely inspires kids to cook. She had clearly divided the contents to easily understandable index. The name of the recipes are also fun filled to attract the young readers.

Kid Chef Junior
Bunny Pancakes

The book starts by giving notes to grownups and kids how to cook safely and the safety measurements have to be taken.Then  introducing the kitchen tools and gadgets to the new raising chefs. The words are so colorful and the level of difficulty of the recipe is shown as cute mittens. Each recipe have a clear lost of tools required and the time taken to cook and the number of serves. Not only that, as a activity for the young chefs,the author has added a space to fill up the date they are making the recipe and who helped them in making.

Pizza Party

Each recipe also have a jokes related to the recipe. And also the meaning for cooking related terms. The recipes are easy to follow and colorful.They give the option to make their on variation of the recipe. Kids will have surprise at the end of the book to have food related doodles.

Apple Cinnamon French Toasts

My Verdict

This book is the perfect gift for any kid or for yourself. The kids will enjoy this for sure as this is not just the cook book but also gives knowledge about the ingredients, gadgets and cooking.

The book is available to Pre order now in Amazon. It will be released on October. Do order your copies now. You don’t want to miss this book. I’m going to get one for my kids for sure as I know they will love it.


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  1. This book sounds great, too bad my kids are too old for it now. Thank you for linking up with #CookBlogShare!

    1. Haha…There is always an option to gift someone…Thank you

  2. Anonymous

    What a great post! It is really so important that we get children involved in cooking to give them such a useful skill. The book sounds great too, especially with jokes – instant kid appeal! Thanks for linking and sharing with us at Fiesta Friday this week.

    1. Absolutely…it’s fun and encouraging..thank you 😊

  3. Theres SO much to be gained by learning to cook before you fly the nest! I remember when I was in college and able to cook and bake I was looked at as an oddity by everyone else. Getting kids familiar with making food can only be a great thing

    1. Very well said…getting kids into cooking is definitely beneficial for them in future… thank you 😊

  4. What a super way to get younger children inspired to cook! I love those rabbit shaped pancakes, and the burrito boats sound fab! Great giveaway!

    1. So true…my kids too loved bunny pancakes…thank you 😊

  5. I wish my kids were a bit younger as this book sounds so lovely! I am currently teaching my teens how to cook but I wish I started earlier.

    1. It’s never late😊…this makes a great gift too…

  6. This book sounds like a fantastic tool to get kids in the kitchen! Loving the look of the recipes, especially the cinnamon French toast!

    1. Absolutely…this inspires kids to get into the kitchen

  7. Its so important to teach kids the skills of cooking and baking. This book sounds fun and fabulous for the kids.

    1. Truly said… thank you 😊

  8. Lathiya, it looks like from your very thorough review that this cookbook covers all of what you might want in a book to get children interested in cooking. I agree that it is a necessary lifeskill that is, sadly now, neglected. The Bunny Pancakes are so adorable that they would definitely tempt the least interested child 🙂

    1. Absolutely ,I love this book… thank you 😊

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