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Aviyal / Mixed veggies cooked in coconut paste

This is a traditional Kerala ( a south Indian state) dish. No special occasion is complete without this aviyal. As far I know it is prepared differently in different parts of Kerala. This is Palakkad style which is my home town.In some other style of making they add turmeric powder,Tamarind pulp also. This is so flavor full dish. Hope you …

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Kumbalanga parupu curry/ White pumpkin and dal curry

If you are in weight reduction resolution like me? then add white pumpkin in your diet. Here is one recipe that will help you include pumpkin. Ingredients White pumpkin/ Kumbalanga- 1 cup chopped (                                                     …

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White pumpkin/ Kumbalanga halwa/ Kasi halwa

Kasi halwa is made of white pumpkin which is normally used for making curries. This is so delicious and crunchy which differentiate it from other soft halwa. This can be easily made. The only time consuming is to grate pumpkin.     Ingredients White pumpkin/ Kumbalanga – 2 cup grated Sugar – 1/2 cup Ghee – 2 tbsn Cashews – …

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