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Kid chef JuniorBook Review

Kid Chef Junior – Book Review and a Giveaway

Hi all,Do you love cooking? Do you love cooking with kids? Do you have kids who love cooking? If you answer yes to any of these questions, then this book Kids Chef Junior is a perfect book you need.Read ahead to know why. Do not forget to enter the GIVEAWAY below.   Why Kids should know Cooking I believe that cooking should not be …

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Penna Pasta, Pasta,Breakfast,Kids,Lunch,EasyGuest Post

Indian Style Penne Pasta – Guest Post by Jayashree

Hi friends, wondering where I’m? Being busy with back to school initial days and dealing with some health issues, couldn’t concentrate in blogging. Now on hope to blog regularly..Let’s see. Today we are going to see Indian Style Penne Pasta as a Guest Post by one of my good friend Jayashree.   Indian Style Penne Pasta I met Jayashree in …

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Vegan Tropical ( Sub -Tropical) Smoothie

As I said in my last post that I’m trying various juices and smoothies, here I come with Vegan Tropical ( sub tropical) Smoothie. Thinking why Tropical and Sub tropical ? I added Orange juice in this. So orange comes in tropical or sub tropical? That’s a confusion . When I started to blog, I didn’t know that its a …

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Round up Posts

Collection of Onam recipes – Round up Post

 Onam is an important major festival for people in Kerala , a State in South India. It is the time when all people of Kerala from all over the world come together with their loved ones to celebrate. Onam Onam is a harvest festival of Kerala and it falls on Malayalam Calendar – Chinga masam which in Gregorian Calendar overlaps in …

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Kids, Snacks

Whole Wheat Coconut Cookies – The best Coconut Cookies

This Whole Wheat Coconut Cookies is the Best Coconut Cookies you can have. This pairs best with a hot cup of tea or your kiddos snack box.   Whole Wheat Coconut Cookies Kids are going back to school this week. So who are feeling low? Me…definetly. No matter how long my kids started going to school ( my little one is …

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Guest Post

How to Cook Chicken with your Instant pot

How to cook chicken with your instant pot This post is submitted by Joan Katz. The cooking pressure of the chicken is a great reason to love the under pressure pot. Many instant pot reviews have a lot to do with electrical cooking appliances such as the instant cooking appliance because you do not have to monitor the pan for …

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Alle Belle , Goa, Pancake,Coconut,Snack,Dessert,Tea time Snack,Coconut,Indian,Jaggery,KidsCoconut, Snacks

Alle Belle – Goan Pancakes stuffed with Coconut

Alle Belle – The name sounds interesting right? Have you ever heard of this dish? For those not,keep reading to know more about this lovely dish. Alle Belle – For Recipe Swap Alle Belle is a traditional Goan dish which is had as a tea time snack. It is a pancake stuffed with Coconut and Jaggery. Similar to Kerala, I observed Goans …

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Guest Post

Beetroot Potato Tikki – Guest Post by Avin Kohli

Hi friends, this Beetroot Potato Tikki is the Guest Post by dear friend Avin Kohli. She is a sweet person who readily accepted to write a post for  my space. She blogs at The Yellowdaal. Do check it for some awesome recipes. Over to Avin Kohli First of all thank you Lathiya for letting me share your space and post a recipe that …

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Aloo Paratha – Potato Stuffed Indian flat Bread

Aloo Paratha / Potato Stuffed Indian Flat Bread is a famous breakfast menu among North Indians.It is a whole wheat flat bread stuffed with mashed potato and spices. Now let’s see how to make that famous dish. Aloo Paratha First, to confess, I’m a pure South Indian but a hardcore lover of parathas. I would not say this is the authentic way of …

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Popsicle,Watermelon Beetroot yogurt Popsicle,Kids,Summer treat,Watermelon,freezing,beetroot,YogurtDesserts, Kids, Popsicle

Watermelon Beetroot Yogurt Popsicle – A fun Summer treat

Hi friends, how is the summer treating you? Here in Texas,it’s terrible. So to cool us down a little bit from the heat waves I made these Watermelon Beetroot Yogurt Popsicles.  Watermelon Beetroot Yogurt Popsicle How are you spending the vacation with your kids?How do you engage them?We spend a month in India.Kids enjoyed playing with their cousins and attended marriage. …

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