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Koeksisters – South African Doughnuts

We all have seen that doughnuts are round  in shape. Have you ever seen braided doughnuts? Here I present you braided South African Doughnuts – Koeksisters. What is Koeksisters A Koeksisters is a traditional confectionery made of fried dough infused in sugar syrup.It is made by deep frying the dough and dipping it in ice cold sugar syrup. It have …

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Banana Fritters/ Banana fritters using Whole Wheat

Are you looking for some easy snacks to munch of this cold days?You came to right place because I just created these Banana Fritters for you. Banana Fritters These banana fritters are the best way to use up your over ripen bananas or just to whip a quick snack. This is so easy and need just basic ingredients. You an …

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Whole Wheat Jalebi,Jalebi,Indian,Diwali,Dessert,Whole Wheat,Besan,SweetsDesserts

Whole Wheat Jalebi – An Indian Funnel Cake

Hi friends, Diwali is just a week away and try this Whole Wheat Jalebi to make this festive season make more special. Whole Wheat  Jalebi I have recently joined a FB group Shhhhh Cooking Secretly Challenge . It’s an interesting group where you will be paired with other fellow blogger. You both assign two ingredients for each other which other members in the group …

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Whole Wheat Apple Almond Cake,Apple,Cake,Baking,Fall,Almonds,Snack,Dessert,KidsCake

Whole Wheat Apple Almond Cake

I can see everywhere people making their favorite fall recipes inspiring me to bake this simple, moist, buttery Whole Wheat Apple Cake.   Happy Fall I think I’m bit late in baking fall recipes. But I think mother nature is going crazy this time as it already feeling like winter. Still , I don’t want to miss joining the Fall baking …

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Sweet Pua Pitha,Pitha,Bengali.Indian,Snack,Frying,Whole Wheat,VeganSnacks

Sweet Pua Pitha with Whole Wheat – A Bengal Sweet

 Sweet Pua Pitha is a sweet from West Bengal, an East Indian state of India. Let us take a detour from South India to East India this time. West Bengal – An East Indian State The West Bengal, now in India is a separated part of actual Bengal after Indian Independence. The West Bengal has high cultural heritage. The state capital …

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Perfect puffed Poori / Deep fried Indian bread

Poori / Deep fried Indian bread is a famous South Indian breakfast.It is a Whole wheat Indian bread deep fried. Poori – a famous breakfast No Indian can be a hater of Poori ( I believe).Those who have tasted it will be a fan of it,I bet. It is a Whole wheat bread which is deep fried.It is liked by …

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